Trip 11: Central Asia
  •  Duration: 1 Month
  •  Age Range: 18-22
  •  Countries: India
  •  Fundraising Amount: $4,600
  •  Trip Dates: 07/01/19 - 07/31/19
  •  Deadline to Apply: May 2, 2019
Spend your month in India, a country like no other. In this nation, villages and cities are equally bustling with activity, blaring horns, whizzing tuk-tuks, and smells of spices wafting from every corner. Your team will have a large variety of ministry opportunities this month. In the mornings, you will travel to local villages and host vacation Bible school style camps. In the afternoons, you will likely help with improvement projects around the ministry site. There are also opportunities to aid with mobile medical camps in villages and visit local churches to preach and evangelize. 
The World Race Process
Step 1: Apply
  • Start your application by clicking APPLY NOW  button below and complete your profile (it will take 30 seconds).
  •  Complete your application overview. This questionnaire portion of the application should only take about 40 minutes to complete. There are no wrong answers!
  •  Pay your application fee ($39), then schedule a 30-45 phone interview with an admissions advisor. You’ll hear back within a week or two regarding your acceptance. NOTE: Effective January 1, 2019, application fees will be $49. 
  •  By completing a profile or application, you are not committing to go on the Race yet—although we hope you will! However, by completing these steps, you’ll gain better understanding along the way if the Race is for you.
Step 2: Acceptance
  • After acceptance, you’ll gain access to an admissions advisor who will help you with planning, fundraising ideas and all the logistical information you need to prepare.
  •  You’ll also pay a $150 deposit to secure your spot. We’ll begin to share with you a plan for fundraising. The goal is to raise the full amount by the time you launch. (A fear of not being able to raise the funds holds some people back from applying -- sometimes for years! Don't let this be you.) NOTE: Effective January 1, 2019 deposit will be $200. 
  •  You’ll begin to prepare emotionally, physically and spiritually for your upcoming trip as well as begin to share your story with friends and family.
Step 3: Preparation
  • You will join your team, leaders and training staff for a 2-4 day preparation camp before your Race begins.
  •  You’ll receive evangelism and cross-cultural ministry training, learn how to share your stories, and how to live in close community while you adapt to the unknown. 
  •  You will most likely experience worship styles, Bible teachings, and community different than you’ve previously experienced. We’ll encourage you to dig into Scripture and have conversations about these.
  •  You’ll also meet your Squad and be placed into teams at Training Camp. 
  •   You’ll also meet your teammates and trip leaders at Training Camp.  
Step 4: Launch
  • You’ll launch! Every day while on the Race will look a little different. Some days will be packed, other days could be slower. Every day will be focused on being a part of God's kingdom work. 
  •  World Race Semesters has built-in adventure days into each week, when you get to experience the local culture or sightsee.
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World Race Extras
Along With Everything Else, Your Experience on the Race Includes:
We have a plan, a process, and tools to help you fundraise.

We take every Racer through our fundraising process built around relationship building. We give each Racer a fundraising coach who will equip you with practical tools to help you set and achieve your fundraising goals.

Following Jesus is not the easy path. We’ll help you step into the Kingdom life.

Through the years and as thousands have gone on this journey, we have identified some key factors that will help set you up for success.

Adventures offers a full-fledged ministry to World Race parents.
In addition to providing a platform to answer your parents’ questions, we support and encourage the parent journey by connecting you to Adventures in Missions, to each other, and to the work of God around the world.
Our safety package includes several safety and risk management teams — both internal and external — who constantly monitor and manage risks in the regions that we minister and creates contingency plans.

With our program, you are covered by a strong travel insurance policy and the insurance company works closely with us to ensure you will receive the care you need.
Your experience on the World Race begins right away -- no matter where you are.
You’ll gain access to free live coaching calls by our admission advisors and squad mentors and leaders. These calls will include inspiration, prayer, insight, and focus as you begin journeying together toward launch.

Get admission to our private alumni Facebook group with over 3,300 members.

This is the official group for all World Race Alumni. Join the Alumni network and stay connected to Alumni throughout the world. Share your story, stay involved in missions, and catch up with your squadmates and all other Racers.

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